Dual-Laser LPBF Processing of Specialis®

🆕 Open Access paper: Unlock full potential of #MetalAM for voxel-graded materials with synchronized 💥 Dual-Laser 💥 LPBF processing 🚀 #MaterialsMonday

Why just use the LPBF process for the production of complex parts, when you can also realize function-optimized and voxel-based tuning of your material structure and resulting mechanical properties ⁉️
All results are based on the processing our exclusive high-performance maraging hot-work tool steel Specialis®: Datasheet

✔️ An adjustable increase in as-printed microhardness of up to 15% from 411 HV up to 471 HV
✔️ A consistent melt pool structure due to elaborated exposure strategy
✔️ New possibilities to produce functionally graded material structures by dual-laser LPBF processing

📰 Open Access paper in special issue "Research and Development of Additive Manufacturing Technology" by Materials MDPI: www.mdpi.com

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