Cost and lead time calculation of MetalAM parts

The cost and lead time calculation of #MetalAM parts and the individual process chain is often very complex and frustrating 😵 Why not use AI for more reliability ⁉️

✅ The calculation process becomes faster than ever
✅ Even complex requests with multiple components and many post-processing steps can be handled very efficient
✅ The AI can consider multiple company-specific parameters and even the availability production capacity for more reliable cost and lead time calculations

Just one special feature of our holistic MES software solution for Additive Manufacturing, which is currently within final development stage 🧑‍💻
Thanks to oliver braun, johannes eckstein and the whole team of NuCOS for the great collaboration 🤝

Feel free to contact us for more information or a demo 📞📧 and stay curious for further feature releases ☺️

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