R&D Strategy at Rosswag

🔬 Cooperate Research & Development Strategy at Rosswag Engineering! 🔬

We are thrilled to share some incredible research projects starting at Rosswag Engineering, where we're pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Our team is diving deep into three main areas: New applications for #MetalAM, Hydrogen / Electrolysis and Software / Processes for Laser Powder Bed Fusion.

🔸 Additive Manufacturing: We firmly believe that metal additive manufacturing holds the key to unlocking limitless possibilities. Our research team is leveraging this game-changing technology to develop innovative designs, optimize materials for superior performance, and pioneer new platform business models with AddiMap - The AM Platform

🔸 Hydrogen: At Edelstahl Rosswag we recognize the immense potential of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source. Our researchers are exploring advanced hydrogen storage and cutting-edge hydrogen production methods for our energy-intensive forging processes. At Rosswag Engineering we work with our partners on 3D-printed High-Performance Heat-Exchangers (HPEX®) for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen applications. Together, we're driving the transition towards a greener energy landscape

These research projects are not just confined to the laboratory. They have the potential to shape industries and make a lasting impact. At Rosswag Engineering, we foster collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge to drive meaningful change. Join us on this exciting journey!

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