Cool down and relax

Cool down and relax 🍦😎 Get everything from a single source

The temperatures outside are soaring 🌡️ And when unresolved supply chain issues are added to the mix during the summer months, it can make you sweat 😰

With just one call or mail, we may help you out with our holistic process chain 🤙

✅ All from a single source
✅ 4 LPBF systems
✅ 40+ LPBF materials qualified
✅ 60.000+ parts produced since 2014
✅ 40+ CNC machines for finishing

Further information:

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  • You want to have a look at our extensive #MetalAM material portfolio? Check our material database:
  • Trade optimized LPBF parameters on AddiMap and profit from +80% productivity and new materials 🚀
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