Chemical Analysis for Material Qualification

Melting, remelting and re-remelting… It's not easy to be a MetalAM material 😰 But do you know what is finally in your #MetalAM part❓

A lot of material experts are fine-tuning the chemical compositions of MetalAM materials down to the smallest detail. But what is left over after atomization and multiple remelting processes in the final part? And how does it affect the mechanical properties of the part?

We wanted to know it exactly - and that's why we invested in the element analysis systems S8 TIGER, G8 GALILIEO and S4 ICARUS by Bruker.

Key aspects:

✅ High precision element analysis by WDXRF technology
✅ Measure solid and powder chemistry to track the loss of elements over the process chain
✅ Fast and efficient fine-tuning of MetalAM materials by optimizing the chemistry before powder atomization

Read the full case study:

Further information:

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