Bronze alloy CuSn10 for Metal AM

Even though the Bronze Age is long gone we added the bronze alloy CuSn10 in our extensive #MetalAM portfolio because it is widely used in industry 🚀

CuSn10 exhibits high elongation at medium hardness with a good wear resistance. Additionally CuSn10 has a high corrosion restiance - especially to seawater. Main applications are valve and pump housings, impellers and paddles for pumps and water turbines as well as general mechanical engineering.

This image shows the build plate in the cartridge of our small LPBF system. Our AL3D system from AlphaLaser is available for small and filigree bronze components and our SLM280 Dual systems from SLM Solutions AG are ready for bigger parts e.g. for pumping applications.

In the next weeks we will add more copper based alloys to our portfolio. Stay tuned for the next #MaterialsMonday.

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