Better cool with

We proudly present another great article by our cooperation partner ARNO regarding the beneficial use of our additively manufactured grooving tools:

✅ The cooling lubricant can be directed precisely into the hot cutting zone

✅ Maximum cooling effect with minimum consumption due to optimized channel structures

✅ Shorter chips

✅ Reduction of grooving widths from 3 mm to 2 mm

✅ Higher cutting and feed rates

🛒 Order directly in the ARNO Online Shop:

And don't worry, we have already produced several thousand tools, so there is enough in stock for everyone 😉

The best for last: Another great study on futher cooling strategy optimization was performed by our student Nitin Reothia during his master thesis at WBK. Stay tuned for more details!

Read the full article (in 🇩🇪):

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