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Which Metal Dominates the 3D Printing Market ❓ #MaterialsMonday

🌟 Exciting times in the metal additive manufacturing (AM) world! A recent analysis by Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR) reveals fascinating trends in metal usage in 3D printing. Let's dive into what metals are shaping the future of AM!

🔍 AMR's "Power Ranking" shows a dynamic landscape in metal AM powders. Titanium stands out for its strength-to-weight ratio, making it a star in aerospace and medical sectors. Steels continue to be versatile workhorses across industries. But there's more:

👉 Nickel alloys shine in extreme environments, crucial for aerospace and energy.
👉 Aluminum's popularity is rising, driven by demands for lighter, fuel-efficient components.
👉 Other metals like cobalt chrome and precious metals mark their territory with unique applications.

💡 Let's discuss how can we harness these trends to drive innovation and efficiency in your industry!

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