AMiquam system installed

How do you check the quality of LPBF parts in-situ ❓ AMiquam technology installed successfully ✅ #MaterialsMonday

Last week we installed the in-situ quality control technology from Amiquam on our SLM 280 from SLM Solutions. The wireless module with eddy current sensors enables continuous part analysis after each exposure down to a depth of approx. 0.5 mm.

EC testing is one of several non-destructive testing methods that use the electromagnetism principle for flaw detection in conductive materials. A specially designed coil energized generates a changing magnetic field that interacts with the test-part and produces ECs in the vicinity. The sensor performs electrical conductivity measurements as described in the norm ASTM 1004, to monitor the stability of the AM process. The technique is differentiating in the sense that it probes the AM material up to a depth of about 0.5mm contrarily to other monitoring equipments.

Stay tuned for our initial results!

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