Rosswag installs the AMiquam monitoring system

Rosswag Engineering, a leading supplier of special metal powders, high-quality components and qualification services in the field of metal AM, installed the new AMiquam monitoring system based on EC sensor technology on their SLM 280 dual-laser machine.

Metal AM processes and the certification of high-demanding parts require typically costly and time-consuming X-Rays tomography technologies or at least many additional samples for destructive testing. The qualification happens off-line and is time and cost-consuming. For complex parts and process chains, it often represents approx. 30-40 % of the total AM part production cost.

“With the AMiquam monitoring system, we have the possibility of continuous process monitoring on the fly while recoating. Possible process changes can thus be detected even in a depth up to 0.5 mm.” says Gregor Graf, Head of Engineering at Rosswag.

AMiquam markets direct NDT-part monitoring solutions based on industrially well-established Eddy Current (EC) technology widely used in industrial Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) procedures - that can be integrated into any existing and new LPBF machine. AMiquam wireless and autonomous products are designed to minimize the installation effort and do not affect machine operation. The installation is performed in collaboration with the machine OEM, for instance to facilitate and reduce the costs of the Installation Qualification (IQ) and predictive machine maintenance. Alternatively, service providers can install the system independently to generate compliant data for the Operation and Performance Qualification (OQ-PQ). The product architecture is compatible with future machines enabling online remote and digital part certification.

With the AMiquam monitoring product, service providers comply with the ASTM 3166:20 standard guide concerning the use of Eddy Currents for the in-situ detection of defects (such as porosity, cracking, lack of fusion, inclusions and residual stress, and part dimension) during the AM process. The solution is therefore both compliant with metal manufacturing industry (ISO 15548) and metal AM standards.

Further information about AMiquam:

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