AlMgty Aluminium Fehrmann Metal AM successful qualification

More material choice for more successful and function-optimized applications in #MetalAM 🚀

🎅 Santa Claus fulfills our wish brings AlMgty80 on MaterialsMonday

We don't need to atomize every material by our own, if there is someone like Santa Claus 🎅 or Fehrmann Alloys GmbH & Co. KG already providing the high-quality metal powder.

But we could not resist to perform our in-house qualification process for optimizing the process parameters and validate the resulting mechanical properties 🔎

Next material in our portfolio of more than 40 qualified alloys ✅

Main advantages of the AlMgty Aluminium alloys:

🔵 Free of silicon
🔵 Great corrosion resistance
🔵 High mechanical strength
🔵 Anodisable


Further information:

  • Exclusive MetalAM materials by Rosswag Engineering:
  • New milestone achieved with 60,000 MetalAM parts produced since 2014 with 40 different materials:
  • Automating MetalAM Process Parameter Development:
  • More information about the AlMgty powders from Fehrmann Alloys GmbH & Co. KG:
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