AAMS 2022

Meet the material experts for metal additive manufacturing at AAMS 2022 MaterialsMonday
This world-class event covers materials aspects of metal-based additive manufacturing technologies and is focused on the following topics:

🔵 Tailored alloys for AM and alloy optimization
🔵 Composite materials for and by AM
🔵 Advances in AM processing, including Multi-material approaches and hybrid processes
🔵 Microstructure and property control by AM processing
🔵 Lattice structures and metamaterials

Rosswag Engineering will participate in the "AAMS - Alloys for Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2022" organized by conference chairman Prof. Eric Jägle as sponsor and exhibitor. Gregor Graf will talk about the production of voxel-graded materials with synchronized dual-laser LPBF processing. Philipp Schwarz will also be there to talk about our contribution to the AM ecosystem with AddiMap.

📅 12th to 14th of September 2022

📍 Universität der Bundeswehr München
✔️ Early-bird registration until 30.06.2022 and further information: www.aams2022.eu

There will be seven plenary lectures by excellent keynote speakers as well as 18 sessions for oral presentation, with two sessions presented in parallel, totalling over 70 presentations. Not to forget the 2.5h-long poster session on Monday evening with nearly 50 posters being presented.

Further information:

Trade optimized LPBF parameters on AddiMap and profit from +80% productivity and new materials 🚀 www.addimap.com
Read the paper at Materials MDPI "Unlock full potential of MetalAM for voxel-graded materials with synchronized dual-laser LPBF processing": www.linkedin.com
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