AISI 4140 Q&T Steel for Industrial Applications

Unlock the full potential of industrial parts with our third most printed material 🗝️🏭

Dive into the future with AISI 4140 / 1.7225 / 42CrMo4 Q&T steel from Rosswag Engineering, specifically qualified and optimized for 3D printing applications. We've harnessed the essence of this material to deliver not just prototypes but serial production excellence. Discover comprehensive material data and fatigue results that set new industry benchmarks.

Just as a key ingredient can elevate a recipe to gourmet status, AISI 4140 elevates automotive and industrial parts to new heights in Metal AM 🚀

Ever wonder how the right material can transform your product? What could AISI 4140 unlock for you? 🤔🔓

👉 Learn more about the AISI 4140 and our 50+ qualified #MetalAM materials:
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