Aluminium Alloy Aheadd CP1 approved for Formula 1

Did you know our qualified material Aheadd CP1 by Constellium did get approved by Formula1 starting 2024? #MaterialsMonday

Rosswag Engineering already qualified Aheadd CP1 with various specimens and is ready for new applications!

Here are some key facts about the aluminium alloy:

☑️ Al-Zr-Fe alloy system
☑️ UTS up to 350 MPa
☑️ Elongation at break up to 17%
☑️ Low anisotropy
☑️ High conductivity
☑️ Increased productivity
☑️ Anodisable

The material Aheadd CP1 is also available on AddiMap - The AM Platform for purchasing optimized and validated LPBF parameters for SLM Solutions machines!

🌐 Visit ➡️ Register ➡️ Trade parameters & data ➡️ Profit 🤑

👉 Learn more about our 50+ qualified #MetalAM materials:


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