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Strong collaboration unlocks certified AM Pressure Equipment potential! #MaterialsMonday

TÜV SÜD and Rosswag Engineering have teamed up for many years to pioneer the future of certified Additive Manufacturing for pressure equipment. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, showcasing the power of unity in innovation!🚀

Through the certification, we are setting new standards in safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Imagine creating complex, lightweight pressure vessels with reduced material waste and enhanced performance. That's the transformative potential of AM in action!

This synergy between TÜV SÜD's rigorous certification processes and Rosswag Engineering's advanced AM capabilities is a big stepfor the further industrialisation of #MetalAM. 🤝

Let's embrace this innovative journey and unlock new possibilities together.

What could your business achieve with certified AM solutions? Dive into the future of manufacturing with us!💡

👉 Read the latest article in additive - Die Plattform für additive Fertigung:

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