Heat-Exchangers for Hyperloop

MetalAM Plate Heat-Exchangers for Hyperloop applications ♨️❄️ Next generation of transportation is coming 🚄

Rosswag Engineering is a proud sponsor of the mu-zero HYPERLOOP team with innovative heat exchangers. These heat exchangers will cool the linear motors of the Hyperloop vehicle.

The Hyperloop, sometimes referred to as the fifth mode of transportation, has the potential to shift mobility towards a sustainable and connected future. A perfect match with MetalAM 💪

mu-zero HYPERLOOP is a german student initiative from Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, dedicated to research and development of hyperloop technology and its real-world application.

🔗 More information: https://mu-zero.de/

Video credits: MOJA Design and Agentur Triebfeder - Filmproduktion

Further information:

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