AddiMap and Autodesk agree on streamlined interoperability

AddiMap, a platform for trading AM process parameters and material data, and Autodesk, a global leader in design and make technology, will join forces to integrate world's first LPBF parameter marketplace into Fusion 360.

The aim will be to purchase and import individual process parameter sets for the prepared AM parts in Fusion 360 directly from the AddiMap marketplace. So every AM user can profit from optimized parameter sets for the individual machine and material combinations when it comes to unexploited productivity or quality increases.

"AddiMap finally addresses the aspect of value creation and parameter development for Metal AM. By accessing AddiMap’s parameter library directly in Fusion 360, millions of mainstream users will be able to go from digital model to physical product without having to spend years to become a specialist in the field." says Alexander Oster, Director Additive Manufacturing at Autodesk

The AddiMap Marketplace was developed to reduce the inefficiencies in AM part production through the use of suboptimal and mostly generic process parameters. All users have the possibility to trade parameters for leveraging the full technological AM potential by new materials or higher productivity.

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