Academia meets Industry: Lecture at Hochschule Pforzheim

Academia Meets Industry in Metal AM 🎓🏭

Our colleague Michael Flamm gave an inspiring lecture at Pforzheim University, bringing real-world insights into the dynamic world of Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM). 🌟

Michael's talk highlighted the incredible journey from concept to reality in Metal AM. He shared our experiences in overcoming technical challenges and the innovative solutions we've developed at Rosswag Engineering. Students were engaged in discussions about the future of manufacturing, sustainability, and the role of young engineers in shaping tomorrow. 🌍

Let's keep the conversation going! We believe in the power of collaboration between academia and industry to drive forward the Metal AM revolution. 🤝 Are you ready to be part of this exciting journey? We are always looking for new talents to complete internships or thesis.

Thank you Gunnar Back for inviting us to the lecture.

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