Nickel-based Superalloy ABD-900AM

New material for high-temperature heat exchangers qualified 🆕🥳 Nickel-based superalloy ABD®-900AM added to our extensive material portfolio ✅ #MaterialsMonday

ABD®-900AM from Aubert & Duval is optimized for high creep and tensile strength, as well as corrosion/oxidation resistance, with a working temperature range up to 900°C in its age-hardened state. The new alloy has excellent creep strength – similar to alloy 939 and Ni 738 – while having superior resistance to cracking during manufacture and heat treatment.

Rosswag Engineering is now ready to process the material on its SLM280 from SLM Solutions for prototypes and serial applications 🚀

First project: Optimize the temperature resistance of our high-performance heat exchangers for fuel cell applications:

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