800 parts in a single LPBF build job

Celebration Time at Rosswag Engineering: A New Record! 🎉#FunFactFriday

Who said #MetalAM is not ready for series production ❓

Our team has recently shattered previous limits by successfully printing over 800 customer parts in a single build job! 🚀

This isn't just about numbers; it's about the incredible advancements in efficiency and precision that #MetalAM brings to the table with with the option to customize each of the 800 parts. 🎨

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we managed to maximize the build space, ensuring every millimeter was used effectively. Not only does this represent a leap in production capabilities, but it also showcases the sustainable aspect of AM by significantly reducing waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods. 🌿

This achievement underscores the potential for drastically reducing lead times and pushing the envelope in design complexity without compromising quality.

Dive into the future of manufacturing with us and discover how your projects can reach new heights! From quantity 1 to series production 🚀

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