Cooling heads for Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor ???

Rosswag Engineering is producing plasma-exposed 3D printed cooling heads for the Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Greifswald. The water-cooled 3D heads are used for thermal monitoring of the divertors located in the plasma vessel. Due to the plasma-exposed position and the complex mounting position, the components must meet the highest requirements for magnetic, heat and radiation exposure, corrosion resistance and the required tolerances.

With Rosswag Engineering's holistic process chain, it was possible to carry out all production steps in-house, from 3D printing to CNC machining and material analysis, to ensure complete documentation of all data and critical interfaces. 💪🚀

🔋 With our work, we hope to make a small contribution to a clean energy solution for the future 🔋

More information regarding the Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor you will find here:

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