316L Fatigue Flat Bending 50142

🚀 Unlocking Durability in Metal AM: A Leap in 316L Fatigue Testing! 🚀

We've taken a big stride in #MetalAM with our latest results from fatigue testing on 316L stainless steel, utilizing our unique flat bending fatigue test according to DIN 50142.

The outcome? A transformative insight into the endurance limits and structural integrity of 3D printed 316L components. This breakthrough paves the way for industries like aerospace, automotive, and medical to adopt 3D-printed metal parts with even more confidence. 🛫🚗🏥 Our method offers a detailed understanding of material behavior under cyclic loading, crucial for safety-critical applications.

👉 Let's embrace the future of metal additive manufacturing together! Dive deeper into how this could revolutionize your projects with dynamic testing of thin-walled AM parts.

Contact our expert Michael Flamm for more information.

👉 Learn more about our 50+ qualified #MetalAM materials: www.rosswag-engineering.com

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