World?s first LPBF process parameter marketplace enters beta phase

Rosswag Engineering, a leading supplier of special metal powders, high-quality components and qualification services in the field of metal AM, is currently developing a LPBF process parameter marketplace to make the benefits of more productive parameter sets and new materials more readily available to all market participants.

Based on many years of experience with the production of more than 60,000 metal AM components and the in-house qualification of more than 40 LPBF materials, Rosswag started the AddiMap project together with NuCOS, a full-stack software company, in 2020. The aim is to develop a digital B2B platform to provide all materials, parameters, data and services for the accelerated industrialization and democratization of metal 3D-printing.

The first service of the AddiMap platform will be a marketplace for trading reliable process parameters and material data to reduce the inefficiencies in LPBF process parameter development projects. Instead of validating the quality and productivity of optimized parameter sets over several weeks with own test series and analyses, the results can be traded on the marketplace to use the full technological potential instantly. This enables customers with a small investment for example to increase productivity of their AM systems by more than 80 % compared to generic standard parameters. For data providers with the focus on R&D activities, the marketplace creates new business models through the sales of otherwise unused parameters and data.

The initial goal of the marketplace is to avoid occupying AM system capacity to resolve issues that have already been resolved multiple times, so that market participants can focus on new, value-added applications for the continued growth of AM technology. If the community is willing to trade data, all market participants will benefit. Everybody is welcome to join the platform and there are still some places available for beta testing.


The research project “Platform-based B2B ecosystem for metal additive manufacturing” is funded by the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Tourism in Baden-Württemberg in the program “Invest BW - Innovation” under the funding code BW1-0042 and supervised by VDI/VDE Technik + Innovation GmbH.

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