Strengthening Our Partnership: Rosswag Visits WBK, KIT

Strengthening Our Partnership: Rosswag Visits wbk Institut für Produktionstechnik, KIT 🚀 #MaterialsMonday

Today, a significant delegation from Rosswag had the honor of visiting the WBK. We were delighted to receive a tour from Prof. Frederik Zanger and engage in discussions about exciting #MetalAM and automation projects. This visit underscores our strong cooperation with WBK, which has flourished over many years 🤝

A big thank you to Prof. Zanger and the team at KIT WBK for their hospitality and inspiring insights. We're looking forward to seeing the incredible advancements that will come from our joint efforts 🌟

More news about the real highlight of our visit in Karlsruhe will be published soon!👨‍🎓

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