Rosswag at H2 Kolloquium Baden-Baden

Rosswag at H2 Kolloqium Baden-Baden ⚡💧 Learn how to shape sustainable business models in #MetalAM and #Forging

Our R&D Project Manager, Dr.-Ing Daniel Beckers, will attend the 2nd H2 Kolloquium in Baden-Baden from e-mobil BW tomorrow. This event is a hub for cutting-edge discussions on hydrogen technology and its critical role in sustainable energy solutions.

At Rosswag Engineering, we’re committed to exploring how #MetalAM can advance hydrogen technology with functional optimized heat exchangers for fuel cell applications. Edelstahl Rosswag is also taking a further step towards a sustainable forge with the procurement of an electrolysis system in the H2Greenforge project to reduce the consumption of natural gas.

Dr. Beckers will be networking with industry experts, sharing insights, and gathering knowledge to drive innovation in our projects.

Stay tuned for updates and insights from our holistic H2 strategy! 🚀

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